Baumann Automation

Maschinenfilm Kurbelwellenentgratmaschine Kadia

KADIA Honmaschine U Line: Universal Honmaschine im Einsatz

Erfolgreich mit 3D Druck - Mike Fischer-Arens von der VISIOTECH GmbH

The Hidden Champion
Erfolgreiche Marktführer im Portrait

Nah. Authentisch. Echt. So sind die Begegnungen mit den Hidden Champions – ob in den Bildern oder in der ausführlichen Magazingeschichte, ob im Fragebogen oder in der kleinen Anekdote, ob im Podcast oder Videomitschnitt, ob in den Zitaten oder ungewöhnlichen Statements.

Making-Of Fotoshooting mit Langgärtners Backhaus

This is a making-of-video of my photo production with my client Langgärtners Backhaus which was realized in August 2013.
Photography by Johannes Wosilat (

Special thanks to my team:
MakingOf Video: Nicole Janke / Die Filmerei
Foodstylist: Tino Kalning
Assistent: Isabell Nake


" can feel like a part of something if you are part of the scene you can make your life a pretty at a little ice and gin, wash off the make-up and prepare the aspirin well you can get out of this party dress but you can‘t get out of this skin..." by Boy

Special thanks to Anna-Lisa Lange for her great advices and being my assistant. Music by Jonas Bolle "Some"

Die Kriegerin / The Warrior

Rococo Photo Production Making-Of

This is a making-of-video of my rococo photo production which was realized in may 2009. With this work I finished my apprenticeship in photodesign.